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 The concept of this work came through two ways to reality: 1. through many of the ideas I got/get when I saw/see interesting details in my surroundings, which as an artist I probably perceive with more sensible eyes and 2. through my longlasting work in cooperation with a photographer, helping on scene composition, scenary creation and digital photo processing.


This arm of my creative sense I gave the name 'Capturing Art'. It's openly based on the photography, for sure, however I am not a photographer and on my work it has less to do with the best light or the more appropriate lens. Mostly it has to do with composition itself, it means, the combination of elements, position, colours, rythm, shapes, patterns, structures... and so on.


Thereto I process the pictures digitally and search for the best result, even when it's (photographically seen!) not technically perfect. Though artistically seen, it shares any kind of feeling, emotion or message. For these results I make use of digital as well as analog filters.


I hope very much you enjoy the work and any kind of feedback is welcome!